A brief introduction to Muortto

Muortto is a world much alike Earth, it is set in the Milky Way galaxy, and offers a similar, but colder, climate. Muortto however is slightly smaller than earth at 10,208 km in diameter. The inhabitants of Muortto call themselves Murins and Druftics, Whilst Murins are almost identical to modern Humans, Druftics are more similar to Dwarfs, being much smaller but stronger then the average Murin. Mixes of Murins and Druftics are just called mixed-race.

The space era quickly approaches Muortto, after the discovery of a mysterious ultra powerful fuel is discovered from several comets that landed in different regions of the world. Murins and Druftics have managed to set foot on both orbital moons and have sent probes to three near planets, but this new fuel will allow for the construction of large interplanetary travel within the local star system and personal local planetary travel for the more well off citizens.



Latest activity


Average Muortto shoreline

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